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Incentives & Organizations

At Melino Travel & Events we provide solutions for their business organizations to our local and international clients, for many years now.

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Paying attention to all the details that make up the overall picture of the celebration is very important, because they represent the story of the bride and groom.

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Honeymoon – holiday taken by you and your other half after your wedding to celebrate your marriage.

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Culinary Workshops

Our culinary workshops give you the opportunity to feel the unique tastes and aromas of each country.

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Wine Tastings

Wine tasting is a process that can rightfully be called a whole art, and it is desirable to comprehend it with the help of a professional wine sommelier who can explain in an accessible.

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Sport Camps

Sport camps take sports to a whole new level of fun. What can be more exciting than training in a new location, outside your day-to-day studio.

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Handcraft Sessions

Melino Travel helps people experience join and satisfaction by creating unique handcrafts’ workshop in all our destinations.

Plan Your Trip Easly

We create you once-in-a-lifetime travels

Melino Travels

The world is a book, and those who do not travel can only read the first page. We are happy to share our experience and offer you to choose a ready-made trip from the list of our vacation scenarios, or to prepare a completely individual trip plan - anything is possible.

Melino Advantages

We approach each trip with great responsibility and meticulousness, using our many years of experience and knowledge. We are professionals, we are travelers, and we are happy to have the opportunity to share our experience with everyone who would like to see the world through our eyes.

Premium Service

Support at all stages - from creating a holiday idea to concierge service during the trip. The best service and premium segment services - we work with leading partners to provide VIP service. Our mission is to anticipate the expectations of our guests.