Turkish breakfast or türkçe kahvaltı is a phrase you've probably heard from your traveling friends more than once. Of course, every person who is interested in the culture of other countries knows that a huge part of this culture is in the peculiarities of food consumption, this also includes local products, drinks, cooking, feasts, and daily rituals, which can be called the famous Turkish breakfast.

What is this morning meal so famous for?

Literally “Kahvaltı” translates as “food before coffee” - “kahve” (coffee) and “altı” (before). The unusual number of dishes, hot and cold, served for breakfast can cause a slight shock to the tourist. Before coffee? Rather than lunch and dinner! However, here one of the nuances of Turkish culture manifests itself. Food is not about the food itself, but rather about leisurely communication, during which large and small plates of food are emptied. It is not customary to go to Turkish breakfast alone.

There are several types of traditional Turkish breakfast. Undoubtedly, it all depends on the region, restaurant or cafe in which you order. Somewhere it will be mainly hot dishes, somewhere - tea snacks.

Let's consider the classic version. So, the main elements of kahvaltı: bread, olives, vegetable cuts, sausage, cheese, honey, nuts, jam, eggs in the form of fried eggs or menemen (Turkish omelet, made from eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers, vegetables are stewed in a thick-walled pan, and then hammer eggs into them).

Drinks are also an integral part of the Turkish breakfast. Traditionally, Turkish black tea is prepared in a special teapot, which has two levels: water is boiled in the lower (larger diameter), and dry tea leaves are placed in the upper. After waiting for the water to boil, boiling water is added to the tea leaves. Here the fun begins: the heating is reduced, and the tea leaves languish in a water bath. The tea is considered completely ready when the last tea leaf settles to the bottom of the upper teapot.

A strong aromatic drink made from coffee beans - the famous Turkish coffee - occupies a special place not only in cooking, but also in the culture of Turkey. The Turks welcome their guests with a real coffee ceremony. We will devote a separate post to this.

Until then - afiyet olsun! Or bon appetit)