Moving to another country is a crucial step that requires a careful assessment of all the pros and cons of this decision. You can focus on the opinion of other people, on the experience of those who have already decided to change their place of residence, but the final conclusion must be taken independently, personally assessing the peculiarities of the chosen country and life in it.

In this article we will discuss life in Turkey, specifically in Antalya. Large southern resort town with a population of 2.5 million at the time of April 2020. Naturally, at the height of the summer season, the population doubles.

Let's take a look at all the pros and cons. Why is this sunny city on the Mediterranean coast so attractive?

Life in Antalya has a comfortable climate, affordable cost of living, loyalty of the local population, favorable prices and rental conditions for real estate, high-quality food and a high level of security (which is important). Many vacationing tourists come to Antalya at the same time and look for housing, in the high season. Antalya was named "Russian Turkey". Citizens of Russia and Ukraine are among the most frequent applicants for a Turkish residence permit. The growing flow of Russians who have chosen to move to permanent residence in the Republic of Turkey suggests that they can easily arrange a comfortable life in this country. In addition, it has now become popular to blog about Antalya.

In addition to the above, one more advantage can be safely attributed - highly developed health care. Almost all hospitals have translators, so there are no problems with the language barrier, insurance is issued for each resident, which gives its own bonuses.

With the onset of the pandemic, a lot has changed in the daily life of Antalya: in addition to restrictions and requirements, a large number of hotels went into "sleeping mode" in the hottest months of the season - an extremely unusual and, not to hide, a sad sight. However, you cannot go against the rules, the whole world is closed, tourism is also closed.

In the second year of the pandemic, restrictions and requirements are eased and then tightened, driving people crazy. Most hotels have reopened their doors to tourists. It seems that life has begun to improve, but again something went wrong ... Some countries have suspended flights to Turkey. But our tourists do not lose heart and find workarounds and opportunities to relax on the friendly sunny Mediterranean coast.